THE FINAL VISION – V. Self-Concept versus Self

ACIM Gather Teaching 8/1/2013 Thu -7:30 PM central

Clear teaching on the imaginary self we created, and letting it go.  Many analogies used.


Self-concept versus self

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The Gift of You And Me – by Jerry Krizka (edited by Jay McCormick)

SunShineThere appears to be a parallel between evolution on a collective scale and evolution on a personal scale. As we observe our own personal growth, we can rest assured that the growth of the collective human race will either lead or follow us. Since we have become aware of this experience, at this point in time we are likely well ahead of the mass consciousness. Therefore we can make a choice as how to influence and affect not only those nearby us in the immediate vicinity, but throughout the entire collective experience. So the questions are these – Will I begin to recognize the true impact that I can make upon the entire human race? -and- Am I ready to maintain that responsibility? The truth is, we are already doing just this no matter what we believe. Through our influence at all levels, we either add to the good or the lack there of. It’s a very simple concept, and a very real seeming effect. For most of us it appears that there is so much to realize before we can recognize this concept fully. We have gone through many experiences, perhaps lifetimes – to prepare us for this position of responsibility. If we feel guilt or shame for our past it may be too overwhelming to see. We may not be ready to adopt this reality that our thoughts at any moment either veil the love, or share it and reveal the natural experience of joy and peace.

This information is not meant to demean anyone for their past mistakes. It is not meant to condemn them for their so-called sins. That would be counter productive. We must go through a period of freeing ourselves, of removing all judgments upon ourselves beginning with me, the individual. When we are free of the heavy burden of self-condemnation, when we truly have glimpsed the freedom, the weightlessness, the light of reality, then we are ready to empower the truth of a loving God. Would a loving Father ever condemn his sons to a eternity in hell? I think not, as the parable we are familiar with tells us; the son who left his home and squandered all the gifts that he was given and still welcomed back by his father with open arms. He allowed his son to go through the experiences that were necessary for him to realize his own inaccurate beliefs. Those beliefs carried him away from his loving father into a fractured world full of fear, but his Father knew his son was the only real gift of value which could never be squandered. It was because of this recognition, that he welcomed his son so lovingly. All He knew was the Love He had for him.

We can also learn to recognize that the only thing to fear is of our own making. It does not matter how many are in agreement of our negative opinions of ourselves or our seeming world. If we see against the truth, operate from a lack of Love, and see anything but love, it is still a misperception of the truth. The truth is that all there really is love. Eventually the “I” begins to observe whether it is functioning in a state of fear or a state of peace. We begin to awaken to the state of mind in which we find ourselves. It is also the point from which we can choose to affect lasting change within ourselves, upon ourselves and upon our human family. When we wake up to the knowing that we have a choice in the matter of how we “feel” at any given moment, we have begun to recognize that we are responsible for our current conditions, circumstances, state of well-being, and state of discontent. Not only for ourselves but for our entire human race. We begin to take responsibility for ourselves, letting go of the concept of victimhood. Thus a phenomenal new journey begins.

Is “what” we do or “when” we do it so important? Or is it “how” we do it? We tend to put the cart in front of the horse when we typically function within this world from the viewpoint that time and space, and even our thoughts are more important than the state of mind in which we function. When we begin with “state of mind” we learn to recognize that no matter “what” we do, we can do it from a position that places us in harmony with what is natural and conducive to result in our own best interests. This is a simplification of life. We begin to accept and allow guidance from our elevated awareness because it frees us of the burden of stress that our fear miss creates, thus blocking us from a life of joy. When we experience joy, this is our contribution to the collective. When we experience pain this is our contribution as well. It is obvious what the choice would be when we realize the responsibility we maintain for each other. After all, not only are we affecting the total human race, but we are affecting the very ones we claim to love. So in this given moment, in both me and you, which will I promote – love or fear? It is within any those very given moments that I can choose and indeed choose again. It has taken perhaps taken seeming lifetimes of struggle filled with countless hands-on experience to realize this. It takes sometimes repeated episodes of “white knuckle driving” through these slippery roads of life to find our awakening in this existence, this seeming experience we call life. I still fall back into moments of fear sometimes, in what to me seem like slipping downhill on wet grass with little control. I reassure myself with the help of Spirit, to know that my directions are true because today I have experienced more peace than that of days past. I may come up short of a description of what “absolute joy” is, but I repeatedly choose to undo that which I know what joy is not.

So on this journey I will go, this phenomenal adventure down the road of life, where you and I become the driver. The Tour Guide sometimes reaches us through gentle means, and yet at other times seems to use a velvet hammer. The one thing that is certain though, is that the decision is ultimately ours. We choose to either travel in the Light of Love, or to contribute to the lack there of. In truth, either way we are a gift to each other.


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